Chance Hales(non-registered)
I just Googled SAAC38 and came across your photos from the event. They are excellent! I am the in-house photographer for Kirkham Motorsports and was unable to attend with our cars.
BKG you know where I will start...."I Love the Jeannie Bottles!! You have a very special collection and I look forward to the pictures your send (and you picked the right bottle I would live in)! Your pictures depict the passion you have behind the lens. I love your work so keep it up!!! Look forward to more wine and cigar pictures....and of course Jeannie bottles.....can you possibly help me acquire one??! (I promise I won't kipe one of yours....hard for me....but since you know how much I love your parents I will refrain)! Most important.....THANK YOU so much for taking the time to be a special part of my parents 50 1/2 Anniversary meant so much to them as well as me....words cannot express my was a perfect party and you made it priceless.....they think the world of you......I am a bit worried that I am chopped liver because mom cannot say enough positive things about you, your work, and professionalism.....Are you sending her wine???....LOL...kidding....Kudos to you for following your dream birthday is coming up and my mom and sis had beautiful glam portraits taken (mom was 21 and stunning) so would like of me to complete their collection .... since I am a bit older than when they took theirs....might need some major PhotoShop ....I am very shy in front of a camera (seriously)....but for some reason am comfortable with you....must be our similar personalities or because we have known each other before we were legal to drive our Mustangs!! Request BKG...."Under The Sea" is an amazing vibrant world, which I believe you would enjoy the challenge!!! Sorry for writing so much but I am very proud of you.....impressed too but I will keep that to myself!!!
Matthew and Wendy(non-registered)
Thank you for coming out and taking our engagement/Wendy's Birthday party on August was a neat night! You are the best Brian!!!
thanks for the great pics brian
Jay Campbell(non-registered)
Nice Pics. I especially like checking out Crawdaddy's and Las Vegas
Debbie A(non-registered)
Hi Brian - Nice job on the Birthday pics....your style and personality are showing through your photos and they getting better and better each time. I'm sure I speak for many when I say we are grateful that you are their to capture the memories of so many fun events.!! THANKS
Ron Olivares(non-registered)
Hey Brian, let me know next time your going to go to Craw Daddy's I want to meet some of your muscian friends. Would love to jam with them. MERRY CHRISTMAS.
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